Compact Cross-Hair Generator

Compact Cross-Hair Generator

Instruction sheet

The Compact Cross-Hair Generator (CCHG) provides a very simple analogue method of providing a cross-hair on a TV monitor screen. The unit is connected between the monitor and TV camera via video BNC connectors. The unit requires a 12V supply (not supplied) and this is relayed to the camera via a common power connector, as illustrated.

Adjustment of cross-hair X and Y position is provided via two precision multi-turn potentiometers and cross-hair contrast, fully through black to white, is provided also.

The unit has been used in many applications and is easy to set up and use.

Target Generator version 3

Target Generator

Data sheet

The Target Generator version 3 (TG3) provides a simple and effective way of placing a box with integral cross-hair on a TV screen or monitor. The unit can be connected across a video feed via a BNC T piece or can have the video feed 'daisy chained' through.

Facilities are provided to change the size of the box from very small to encompassing about 90% of the display area. The cross-hair is self centred and the box contrast can be changed from black to white, filled or open.

The unit is mains powered.

The unit has many applications through industry to security and is well proven in the market place.


Custom Products

Ely Optics Limited can supply similar product that includes facilities for dotted lines, measurement scales and graticules. Please enquire if these are of interest to you.

Ely Optics Limited is able to provide solutions in terms of complete camera to monitor systems including analysis and statistics if required.


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Model Name: CCHG
Type of Equipment: Compact cross hair generator for video feeds
Model Name: TG3
Type of Equipment: Target generator for video feeds